Misc Messages Uploaded

The next batch of cassettes that I have to go through is from the library of Bishop Grant.  There are all kinds of different ministers included, but I’m only going to be uploading a select few as this site is primarily about Bishop John Grant.  However, certain ministers and messages / series have caught my eye and I wanted to highlight some of there here, especially some of the female preachers.  In the next few days there will be more messages from Nona Freeman, Janet Trout and even Darlene Grant!  There will also be a few messages from T.F. Tenney.  I’m beginning to learn that “Southern Preachers” are pretty good!  🙂

EDIT:  Here is the recent uploads:

  • 03-09-1985 The Role Of A Woman by Darlene Grant.mp3
  • Ye Are Complete In Him by Nona Freeman.mp3
  • 11-05-1994 Lovingkindness by Nona Freeman.mp3
  • 11-05-1994 The Word by Nona Freeman.mp3
  • 11-06-1994 A Real Good Deal by Nona Freeman.mp3
  • 11-06-1994 Growing In The Lord by Nona Freeman.mp3
  • Understanding The Principle Of Authority And Respect by T.F. Tenney.mp3
  • 03-09-1985 Potential by Janet Trout.mp3
  • 03-08-1985 Life by Janet Trout.mp3
  • 03-09-1985 Infidelity by Janet Trout.mp3

I have never heard of Janet Trout, but I’m glad I found some of her material.  She is a very anointed preacher!