Misc Speakers And Dates

Adding some miscellaneous audio files from various speakers.  The latest storage tote has a lot of Bishop Grant’s recordings along with many other preachers the either spoke at events he was present for or from Camp meetings, etc.  I would imaging there are a few of Sister Grant’s favorites in there as well.

Some of the older cassette’s audio recording are damaged.  There are some interesting looking messages from Sis. Nona Freeman that I just cannot get to playback correctly.  Sadly I’ve just set them aside for now.  Others have some “warbling” and I try to make note if it in the file name that is displayed.

Any messages that do not have a date on the cassette are simply give the generic date of Jan 1, 1980.

Here is the current list:

  • 02-22-2001 Holiness by John W. Grant
  • 09-12-2001 Overcoming Negativity by John W. Grant
  • 03-22-1987 Exception To The Rule by John W. Grant
  • 03-22-1987 Shining Like A Star by John W. Grant
  • 01-17-1982 The Blood Of The New Testament by John W. Grant
  • 07-28-1983 Praying In The Spirit by John W. Grant
  • 08-10-1985 The Grace Of God by John W. Grant
  • 07-07-1985 Let God Be True by John W. Grant (Skip ahead to 18 min 20 sec)
  • 08-10-1992 Wisc District UPCI Opening Challenge by John W. Grant
  • 11-16-1986 Learn To Lean On Jesus by John W. Grant
  • 07-15-1979 Elisha’s Wise Choice by John W. Grant
  • 11-04-1999 Spiritual Resolve by Blake George
  • 01-28-1999 God Has Not Forgotten by Blake George
  • The Revival Pastor by J.T. Pugh
  • Prayer Revival by Vesta Mangun
  • 03-07-1986 Untitled by Joy Haney
  • 03-08-1986 Morning by Joy Haney
  • 07-22-1979 If A Man Die Shall He Live Again by Felix Crowder
  • 11-29-1992 Two Worlds Of One Race by Lloyd Peterson