Found Gold! Holiness Seminar

Rev. David Bernard
Rev. David Bernard

Found some GOLD in the audio library of Bishop Grant.  Inside one of the cases of cassettes was a four cassette package from 1987.  The set was a seminar from Rev. David Bernard teaching on Holiness!  The audio is a bit muffled from some of the cassettes, but the material is Spiritual GOLD!  This was taught in 1987 and it’s amazing how God’s Word does not change one bit!

To find the seminar, click on the main page, then select “Holiness Seminar” from the “Browse Series” drop down.

  • Session 1 – Definition – Principles – Spiritual Fruit by David K. Bernard
  • Session 2 – Principles – Thoughts – Body – Tongue – Mind by David K. Bernard
  • Session 3 – Principles – Adornment – Dress – Hair by David K. Bernard
  • Session 4 – New Testament Conversion by David K. Bernard