Just An Update

Just a quick update to let everyone know of the progress we have made working on the John W. Grant Audio Archive.  In a little over a year, we have uploaded over 300 audio messages from the library of Rev. John W. Grant.    Not all of these are Rev. Grant speaking, as we have quite a diverse group of “Spirited Speakers.”  This group ranges from “Pentecostal Heavyweights” such as David Bernard, Nona Freeman, Lee Stoneking and T.F. Tenney to lesser known but equally blessed messages from Keith Mandley, Janet Trout, Joy Haney and LaJoyce Martin!

Who Says There Are No Women Preachers In Pentecost?!?  I challenge you to listen to Sister Janet Trout’s message on Infidelity and not be moved!

Enjoy God’s Word and be blessed!