Added more messages

Updated the Legacy Page with the text from the UPCI Order Of The Faith page and will work on updating this information with Bishop when we can meet.

Added the following messages:

  • 1993
    • 03-04-1993 Godhead by John W. Grant
  • 1994
    • 08-14-1994 A Different Kind Of Man by John W. Grant
    • 09-11-1994 Give Me The Want To by John W. Grant
    • 09-11-1994 Worship Is Natural by John W. Grant
    • 11-10-1994 Spiritual Gifts by John W. Grant
    • (Date Unknown) The Cross Removed by John W. Grant
  • 1995
    • 03-05-1995 Jesus Is Searching For You by John W. Grant

It is so interesting to listen to Bishop preaching and then calling on the names of some of the Saints in the congregation just to make a point or to have them stand and read the scripture.  In reference to that point, there are several times that happens in the “Godhead” message.  The person reading from the congregation is not picked up by the microphone, so I simply eliminated the long pauses of silence from the message.  I’m sure there are some that I missed as I’m converting these message while I’m working on other projects, so that will hopefully explain a few times that a name is called on to read and then Bishop starts preaching again immediately.

If you listen to many of these messages, you will find at about the 45 minute mark a brief gap in the message.  Depending on how old you are, you may or may not have an idea what causes this.  It is where the recorded message on cassette auto flips to Side B.  In this process, there is a bit of leader tape that cannot be recorded on, so there is usually about 3 – 5 seconds of the message that is gone forever.  Unfortunately for us that did not witness all of these messages in person, this is usually the time of the message where Bishop is really emphasizing a point or getting ready to wrap up for altar call.  🙂

Hopefully this helps understand the process a bit more.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them!